PARAMUS - A Bergen County family has found a way to never have to shovel their driveway again, as well as a way to save some money.

The Parikh family lives at 279 Henry St. in Paramus. Using a soon-to-be-patented geothermal solar power system, the family was able to watch the snow that fell on Saturday melt away from the comfort of inside their home.

The system uses rainwater and snowmelt that the family collects all year long. The geothermal system heats the water up and pumps it back out at 100 degrees, melting the snow on the driveway.

The system is not just used to melt snow, it is also used for showers, laundry and toilets.

"Instead of a boiler, instead of a hot water heater, instead of an air conditioner, we have our geothermal solar system,” says Asit Parikh.

The windows of the home are at special angles designed to catch the sun. Even the air in the home is recycled. For example, every time someone in the house cooks, the air is used to heat the garage.

"All the energy we use to heat the air preheats incoming fresh air on the way out so we don't lose a single BTU ever,” Parikh says.

The Parikhs say that they didn’t originally planning on building a smart house, they simply wanted a larger one.

They are hoping to finish full construction on the home by Earth Day.