WASHINGTON - (AP) - Little by little, CIA Director Leon Panetta isgiving details about the operation that killed al-Qaida leaderOsama bin Laden.

He tells PBS that President Barack Obama wasn't getting a directvideo feed of the raid on bin Laden's compound and never saw themoment when bin Laden was shot dead.

Panetta says once the teams entered the compound, there was aperiod of about 20 minutes when those in the Situation Room didn'tknow what was happening. The CIA chief called them "some verytense moments."

When asked about the final confrontation with the terroristleader, Panetta said: "I don't think he had a lot of time to sayanything." He says there was a firefight going on in the compoundand "this was all split-second action on the part of the SEALs."

He told The Associated Press he thinks a photograph of binLaden's body will be released. The Obama administration hasn'tdecided whether to release the image, torn between a desire toprove he's dead and the risk of provoking more anti-U.S. sentiment.

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