MIDDLETOWN - In the wake of one of the largest auto recalls in the country's history, a New Jersey congressman is calling for more regulation of car recalls.

Rep. Frank Pallone says the way the Takata Corporation handled its air bag recall should change how all vehicle recalls are handled in the country. The air bags have been linked to various injuries and deaths.

"Their response was pretty bad," says Rep. Pallone. "Basically, they kind of ignored it. We had to have additional hearings."

According to Rep. Pallone, Takata tried to only recall vehicles in certain parts of the United States and delayed action. He has now drafted new legislation that would change that.

The bill would give the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration more authority and more money.

"The recalls would be national, they wouldn't be regional," he says. "They would have more resources."

Pallone believes his legislation will make for faster notification of recalls. The money for the NHTSA's increased budget would come from a $3 fee collected on all new cars sold in the U.S.

About one-seventh of all cars sold in the U.S. are affected by the Takata recall.