ALPINE - Officials say the series of potholes on Palisades Interstate Parkway won't get repaved anytime soon because of holes in the budget.

Drivers say the roadway, which runs about 11 miles along the Hudson River, is among the worst in the state. In addition to the potholes, there are cracks and gaps in the pavement, along with uneven patchwork.

"It feels like it needs to be repaired," says Jimmy Tarkazk, of Bergenfield. "A lot of potholes. I ride a motorcycle and if I hit one of those potholes, I'd probably wipe out."

Authorities say the road hasn't been repaved in 18 years, and the Palisades Park Commission does not have the money to repave it now.

The executive director says it needs $14.5 million for the overhaul and it has been asking the state for the money for the last five years, but keeps getting denied.  Right now, the commission only has the funds for light patchwork.

The commission says crews have done 75 tons of patching since Jan. 1.  But the parkway, especially the northbound side, has reached the end of its useful life. 

The Palisades Park Commission is a joint agency between New York and New Jersey.