NEWARK - Two dogs are recovering after being left on a scorching tar roof amid a heat wave in Newark.

A spokesperson for the Associated Humane Society tells News 12 New Jersey that the agency’s Newark branch received a call Friday afternoon about the two dogs.

Officers arrived to find the Yorkshire and pit bull-Labrador mix on the hot roof without shade or water. Both were suffering from severe burns and were covered in hot tar that melted on the roof.

"Even if there had been shade up there, with the temperatures that we're facing and being on hot tar, it probably would not have been adequate, even if water had been left out for them,” says AHS Assistant Director Niki Dawson.

The Yorkshire, named Simon, was found stuck in the tar, but has almost made a full recovery. The pit bull-Labrador, named Ginger, will face a longer recovery.

"She apparently must have been rolling in the tar.  Her fur was covered 75 percent with tar and she had the associated skin infections,” says hospital director Dr. Betty Pyatak-Monaghan.

The Associated Humane Society says that it is in the process of finding the owner of the dogs. It’s unclear if charges will be filed.

Simon and Ginger are being cared for at the Animal Emergency and Referral Associates in Fairfield. They are both expected to make full recoveries.