MAYWOOD - Three men have been arrested after allegedly stealing over a dozen packages from people’s homes and then leading police on a wild chase, but a fourth suspect remains at large.

On Tuesday afternoon, Maywood resident Gina Kiely noticed a dark-colored SUV on Thoma Avenue that she felt was suspicious. 

“Two guys jumped out on the passenger side, ran out to the two houses at the same time and grabbed two packages,” she says. “I started yelling at them and running up the block.”

Kiely says the men got back into the SUV and it sped away. She says that her step-dad started to chase them in order to get their license plate number and call police.

Maywood police soon arrived and began to chase the suspects. Police tell News 12 New Jersey that the suspects began throwing packages out of the windows of the vehicle and drove onto Route 17 North. From there, police say that the suspects ditched driving on the highway and ended up on train tracks.

The suspects then allegedly got out of the SUV and tried to run away on foot. Maywood Police Detective Matthew Parodi says that when an officer attempted to place one of the suspects under arrest, the driver of the vehicle jumped onto the officer’s back and assaulted him.

Police were able to arrest three of the suspects. A fourth suspect was able to escape before the chase began.

Maywood police say that they recovered more than 15 packages from the suspects, including a laptop, clothing and even cake batter.

Anyone who might have more information about these thefts is asked to contact the Maywood police.