HOWELL TOWNSHIP - The owner of a cat who was pierced in the torso and nearly died wants to know who would want to harm the beloved pet.

Jade remains hospitalized, recovering from the traumatic injury.

Howell police and the Monmouth County SPCA are searching for the person who shot the cat with an arrow, but Jade's owner, Kathy Boyce is convinced it wasn't an accident.

"This is my baby. I've had her since she was four months old," Boyce says.

Neighbor Dan Roe says Jade dashed into his home at Winding Brook Mobile Home Park in Howell on Saturday. It was then he saw the arrow sticking out of her side. "That was the most horrible thing I've ever seen," he says.

Boyce says Jade is not a stray, but an indoor-outdoor cat that she bought in 2012. She paid to have the pet spayed and micro-chipped.

The cat is well-known in the neighborhood and considered friendly and trusting.

"I think it's awful," Boyce says. "I don't understand how somebody can do that to an innocent animal."