SOUTH BOUND BROOK - A South Bound Brook man who had his car mistakenly repossessed twice says he got the car back, but he is unhappy with its condition.

"If you can look at the bottom of my car, there's actually something hanging from my car,” says Michel Stallings. “My speaker system is missing. My license plate is missing from the front and the back.”

Additionally, the rally stripes are peeling off, the windshield is damaged and personal items and care documents are missing from the 2011 Camaro.

The car was wrongfully repossessed for a second time on March 20. Stallings reached out to News 12 New Jersey, who found a wrongly written down VIN was to blame for the mix-up.

"It's embarrassing because I feel the need to have to explain myself to everybody because they think my car was actually repo'ed,” says Stallings.

A spokeswoman for Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, the company that repossessed the car, could not explain how the mix-up happened. When asked about the condition of the car and the missing items, she said it was now a private matter and that the company would have no further comment.

Stallings is still making payments on the car, and is consulting with a lawyer to find out what to do next.