BELMAR - If you work indoors, you may have shrugged off the cold with a hot cup of coffee, but if you work outside, the below-freezing temperatures come with the the territory.

At the Jersey Shore, far fewer people were seen working outside Tuesday, but many have no choice but to bundle up and step into the deep freeze.

Ice was flowing on top of the Shrewsbury River in Sea Bright and steam was coming off the ocean in Long Branch because the 37-degree water was warmer than the arctic air.

A crew from Adamo Demolition, based in Clark, had to work inside without heat and outdoors in the cold while renovating Ocean Place Resort in Long Branch.

"Literally after five minutes you start feeling your hands tingle because it's just that cold," says Jawan Boone, of Belleville. "Your cheeks start to crack a little bit."

Belmar crossing guard Robert Pilch wears two coats, a hooded fleece, snowpants over his regular pants, insulated socks and ski gloves to beat the bitter cold. He says keeping his face covered also helps him get his job done.

"I'm fine," says Pilch. "Colder this morning actually. Kinda sweating right now, believe it or not."

Frostbite is a constant concern. Only a few minutes outside can affect unprotected skin. Workers also have to be wary of hypothermia in temperatures this frigid.