WEST MILFORD - Residents in a West Milford neighborhood say that they have had little to no water for over a week and aren’t getting any answers from officials.

Over 200 homes in the Crescent Park Development have been affected by water issues.  Homeowners say that some completely lost water on June 5.

"The first day it was like ‘OK this isn't the best but all right, it's a day we can handle this.’  Then it was Day Two.  Then it became Day Five and by Day Five it was just ridiculous,” says resident Shannon Dempsey.

A few days ago, the town set up a temporary shelter for showers and bottled water.  They also provided a tanker where people have been coming to collect water.

The West Milford Municipal Utilities Authority tells News 12 New Jersey that the issue was due to service connection leaks, as well as a break in a well line. Repairs have been made, but the MUA says it will take time for the tank to refill.

"It's extremely frustrating.  I have three children.  We've been traveling to my parents’ house or to my in-laws' house to take showers and do laundry,” says resident Brianne Bauer.

Full water power was restored Wednesday, but there is a boil water advisory in effect and mandatory water restrictions until the tank refills. This means residents are not allowed to use dishwashers, refill swimming pools or water their lawns.

Water officials say that the restrictions will be in effect until next Tuesday.  The boil water advisory will be in place until Monday as they wait for bacteria samples to come back.