BLOOMFIELD - There's been an Olympic-sized backlash from some people in New Jersey's clothing industry to news that the U.S. Olympic Committee outsourced production of Opening Ceremony uniforms to China.

"We can produce them in the USA? Yes definitely," says Ory Giberstein, owner of Exacta, a clothing cutting company in Bloomfield. "I think we taught the world how to sew."

Exacta once helped manufacture clothing for many American clothing companies, including Ralph Lauren, which produced the controversial Olympic uniforms this year. But most of those jobs have now been outsourced and Giberstein says his company survives by working for a handful of companies that advertise products that are "Made in the USA".

New Jersey's two U.S. senators, Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez have joined four of their colleagues in introducing a bill that would require all future Olympic uniforms to be made entirely in the U.S. Some viewers seem to agree with that idea.

"We're there to represent the United States, not China," says Arthur Samsoe, of Edison.