OLD BRIDGE - It's been 15 months since Superstorm Sandy, and many in some Old Bridge neighborhoods are still waiting for relief from the state and federal government.

In Paul's Beach, a neighborhood tucked away between Raritan Bay and Route 25, nothing has changed since the storm that hit the area in October 2012.

Annelie Litchkowski, 84, and her daughter are among 33 families in the neighborhood waiting for a home buyout.

"We almost feel like we are forgotten right now. I have a lady’s name from the DEP who I contact every month and she tries to give me a little hope," Litchkowski said.

Mayor Owen Henry has been assured that Old Bridge is in the next round of buyouts, with $100 million of federal money to spread among homeowners.

The DEP says the delay in getting people their money for buyouts is tied up in Washington. Official with the DEP say they’re hopeful that these homeowners will have a letter explaining buyout offers by March.