NEPTUNE - Residents, officials and environmentalists say they are unhappy that the 100-year-old oaks and pines that filled the green at the Asbury Circle on Route 35 have been cut down on the Jersey Shore.

The trees, which were located where Ocean Township, Asbury Park and Neptune meet, were taken down on Earth Day.

Local municipal leaders say they weren't given a heads up by the state, which owns the land.

The mature trees, which survived many storms, including Sandy, are now just stumps. There are now just a few trees left, surrounded by piles of branches and wood chips.

The Department of Transportation says the trees were sick and dangerous and they had to go.  It said there was an issue with black ants, disease and decay.

Environmentalists say they are worried that nearby areas could flood because the trees absorbed a lot of water.  

News 12 has learned that the removed trees will be replaced through the Good Neighbor Landscaping Program. There is no word on how soon that will happen.