JERSEY CITY - Officials say that the Pulaski Skyway won't reopen for at least another year due to construction delays

The 80-year-old bridge connecting Newark and Jersey City has been shuttered for repairs since April 2014. The repairs are part of a $1 billion project designed to have the bridge last about 75 years.

New Jersey Department of Transportation officials say that several factors have delayed the project. They blamed last year’s brutally cold winter and additional damage to steel below the bridge deck.

The steel joints deteriorated from road salt. Construction crews found that the damage was worse than expected.

A spokesperson for the DOT tells News 12 New Jersey that they were able to budget the time and money for the steel repair into the contract for the southbound side of the Pulaski, which would delay the project and put it over budget, but not dramatically.

The DOT says that it plans to reevaluate a timetable at the end of winter.

Officials initially said work on the bridge would end later this year.

The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.