FORT LEE - A gas station attendant in Fort Lee was nearly killed this afternoon following an altercation with a customer who refused to pay for less than six gallons of gas, according to officials.

Tony Lulaj, an attendant at the Lukoil station on Route 4, says that a black Nissan Maxima pulled up to the station just after 4 p.m. His coworker, Hassan Ognar, filled up the car and then confronted the driver over a past altercation. Ognar then became caught on the car as its driver took off onto the highway.

Police were on the scene for hours and hope the public will help catch the person responsible. The incident was also caught by security cameras.

Danny Jaloudi, the owner of the gas station, says the first thing he tells his employees is not to jeopardize their lives. Jaloudi say Ognar was taken to Hackensack Hospital and his injuries appear non-life threatening.