LAKEWOOD - Fire officials are reminding New Jersey residents to stay vigilant after numerous brush fires were reported over the past week.

Although conditions have remained dry in New Jersey, the whole state was not under a red flag warning Saturday.

In Lakewood - dry conditions, wind and rising temperatures were enough to spark a small brush fire behind the home of Richie Castellucci. Castellucci, who initially thought someone had lit a bonfire, called 911 when he saw the flames. Responders from the Forest Fire Service were called in to douse the blaze with water and contain the small fire.

Fire reports also came from Monmouth and Ocean counties.

“We can't let our guard down,” said John Rieth, the assistant division forest fire warden. “You never know when those weather conditions can change and make our ability to fight fire much more difficult.”

This past week saw a brush fire scorch hundreds of acres in Raritan Center office park in Edison. It also saw a fire in Southern New Jersey tear through thousands of acres.

Conditions on Sunday are expected to be dry and windy, bringing the potential for more fires.