NEWARK - Police shot and injured an armed robbery suspect in Newark Sunday morning, officials say.

They say the suspect was shot at around 7 a.m. on South Sixth Street following a foot chase with police.

Police say the suspect and four accomplices robbed a cellphone from a woman who is an Essex County Sheriff's officer. The woman, who was off-duty at the time, was waiting at a bus stop on Montclair Avenue.    

Police say they used the tracking device inside the off-duty officer's phone to catch up to the suspects on South Sixth Street. The Lexus carrying the suspects crashed into a house, leading to a foot chase that ended when officers shot the suspect.

Newark Police Chief Anthony Ambrose says one of the suspects was armed with an automatic weapon and allegedly turned toward a pursuing officer, who then fired one shot.

The suspect was hit in the chest and hospitalized in critical condition. Police say his weapon was recovered.

Three people were arrested. Police are searching for other suspects.

Officials are trying to determine if the suspects are linked to other armed robbieries reported over the weekend.