EATONTOWN - Seventeen dogs were found in a case of animal hoarding in Keyport, according to officials.

The flea-infested animals were found at a home on Pine Street, which is now condemned.

The dogs were brought to the Monmouth County SPCA Saturday night. Eleven of the dogs are puppies, and the remaining six are adult dogs.

"It was awful, it was the worst that one I've seen in all my years of police work," said Lt. Tom Nuccio, of the Monmouth County SPCA. "Debris all over the place, there was nowhere you couldn't walk thoughout the entire home without stepping on garbage, feces or broken furniture."

The dogs are undergoing medical and behavioral evaluations. After they are vaccinated, microchipped and cleaned up, they will be put up for adoption.

The owner of the dogs was taken for medical evaluation and faces multiple animal cruelty charges.

The finding follows another hoarding case in Howell earlier in June, where nearly 300 dogs were rescued.