BERGEN - The Bergen County Prosecutor's Office announced Friday the arrest of 11 people in an identity theft ring.

Authorities are calling the operation the "Unauthorized User" scheme. One of the key players in the operation, Kyle Davis, worked as a box clerk at a Paterson warehouse where documents from a lending company were stored.

Prosecutors say Davis stole personal information, which included credit card and Social Security numbers. The information was sold to two women who allegedly set themselves up as authorized users of the victims' credit cards.

Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli says a key part of the scam was the fact that many department stores will allow you to charge to your store credit card without having the card in your possession.

The thieves racked up charges totaling more that $150,000. The merchandise they purchased was then sold on New York City streets.

Prosecutors suggest contacting credit bureaus and putting a fraud alert on your Social Security number. This will require credit companies to call you before credit is approved on any future applications.

Prosecutors also say if you receive a credit card you did not request or find unauthorized transactions, call the police.