EDISON - Police officers and PBA officials are lashing out Wednesday against Gov. Chris Christie over his decision to pocket veto a gun bill.

Lawmakers unanimously passed the bill to keep guns from violent offenders. Christie, who is seeking the GOP nomination for president, pocket vetoed the measure Tuesday. The bill would have added gang-related offenses, carjacking, racketeering and making terroristic threats to the list of serious crimes that prevent an offender from buying a gun.

"It's not peeing in public," says Patrick Colligan, president of the state's Police Benevolent Association. "It's carjacking and some serious crimes, so I don't get it."

Colligan says if a violent criminal buys a gun and hurts a police officer there is only one person to blame and that's the governor.

A spokeswoman for the governor declined to comment but issued a statement saying, "Having the legislature pass more than 100 bills in such a hasty and scrambled way, praying for them to be rubber stamped, is never a good formula for effectively doing public business."