EDISON - An off-duty Jersey City police sergeant who was pulled over on suspicion of driving drunk was never charged.

News that the officer was never charged came to light in a lawsuit filed by the former Jersey City police chief. Police reports obtained by News 12 New Jersey state that the accused, Police Sgt. Vincent Corso, was found to be highly intoxicated while operating a motor vehicle.

The incident happened in January of 2014 when Corso was pulled over by police in Robbinsville. He was stopped for erratic driving and a missing headlight. The entire confrontation with police was caught on dashcam.

Corso was never charged. Instead, the officers called Jersey City police to come and get Corso. The report says the officers were attempting to extend a professional courtesy.

The Jersey City Police Department could not comment on the matter because of the litigation. The mayor of Robbinsville says the course of action taken by his officers was "responsible and professional."

Meanwhile, Corso remains on active duty.