UNION CITY - An off-duty confrontation early this morning ended up with three Union City police officers arrested and suspended.

News 12 New Jersey has learned that the incident could mean the end of the officers' careers.

The arrested officers were Damien DeFazio, 30, Jonathan Rivera, 26, and part-time officer Gabriel Semeraro, 22. All were charged with aggravated assault and firearms possession.

According to the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office, one of the officers allegedly threatened someone with a handgun. A source familiar with the investigation says the victim was male. The officers were arrested a short time late during a vehicle stop and three handguns were allegedly found in the car.

Union City Mayor Brian Stack, who is also North Bergen's director of public safety, says, "The officers will be suspended without pay immediately. If they're found guilty in the proceedings, we'll move for the termination, no doubt about it."