SEASIDE HEIGHTS - If you're looking to really cool off, take a dip in the ocean at the Jersey Shore.

Water temperatures have dropped into the low to mid 50s, meaning a wetsuit might come in handy.

Westerly winds have caused a phenomenon known as upwelling. The winds take the cold water that sits down deep and move it toward the beach. 
There is typically a breeze coming from the south when this occurs.

Seaside Heights lifeguards know getting into the cool water is a must, and Chief Jay Boyd knows his guards are ready.

"We've been training since probably 50 degree water right through the beginning of the season, so our guys are exposed to it early on," he says. "Though obviously it's still a shock."

Boyd says guards always rush in and make rescues fast, but if they know the temperature of the water is dropping, they take a little more care.

Most beachgoers told News 12 they can't resist diving in, cold or not.