OCEAN GROVE - Drivers whose cars were towed from several streets in Ocean Grove say they didn't think an inch of snow constituted a snow emergency.

A total of 22 cars were towed from roads early Monday morning to allow plows to get by.

Guy Fisher says he saw tow trucks lined up at 6 a.m. that day. "There was a fleet of tow trucks coming into Ocean Grove and when I passed our block they had like two cars hooked up and they were just ripping them out of Ocean Grove," he says. "It was quite concerning because I don't think they had any concern for the vehicles themselves."
Residents say it snowed so little that some streets in Ocean Grove were never plowed.
There is a fee of $96 to get each car back from the towing company in addition to a $34 ticket.

Township officials say residents are always reminded to move their cars when it snows via a reverse 911 system.