SEASIDE PARK - Officials in Seaside Park faced their first traffic challenge Saturday afternoon since the massive snarl that backed up Route 35 back on Feb. 24.

Ocean County's St. Patrick’s Day Parade was held in Seaside Park, which brought thousands of people to the area.

Visitors to the area were greeted by signage warning people to use Route 37, not Route 35, which was backed up for miles after the Polar Bear Plunge last month. Construction on Route 35 and temporary lights, which controlled alternating traffic north and south on the same lane, caused people to be stuck in their cars for about two hours during the February snarl.

Officials say many drivers heeded the traffic warnings, with 15- to 20-minute delays getting off the barrier island.

Department of Transportation officials say Route 35 will be back to two lanes, one in each direction, along the barrier island in time for Memorial Day.