OCEAN COUNTY - Ocean County authorities are warning residents about a possibly tainted batch of heroin stamped with the words "Bud Light" that may have resulted in two fatal overdoses.

Julia Falas says the drug epidemic near her Seaside Heights home is getting worse because the heroin is so cheap and pure that users are snorting it instead of shooting up as in years past.

Authorities say Falas’ 32-year-old neighbor overdosed from it and was found dead in his apartment on Saturday.

Nearby in Point Pleasant Borough, a 42-year-old man was found unresponsive in the bathroom of a Stop & Shop on Friday. Authorities believe the heroin he purchased killed him.

Al Della Fave, spokesperson for the Ocean County prosecutor, says the victims were in possession of heroin packaged in wax paper with the stamp "Bud Light" in red ink. Now, his office is warning the batch of dangerous drugs could be tainted with toxic elements and prove fatal.

"Every time you purchase heroin from a dealer, you're rolling a dice," he says. "There's no one monitoring how they cut that product, what other chemical elements they put into it or cut it with in order to increase their sale. You never know what you're getting."

Last year, there were 112 drug overdose deaths in Ocean County, which is more than double the number of deaths the year before. The majority of them involved heroin.