TOMS RIVER - An Ocean County thrift store that supports local food pantries may be losing its Toms River home.

The building occupied by Ocean County Hunger Relief has been sold to a kitchen cabinet maker. The store currently serves 26 county food pantries. 

The organization put in a bid for $900,000 to buy the building, but owner Valley National Bank accepted another offer for $1.1 million.  

The cabinet company says it'll need at least half the space and a spokesperson for Hunger Relief says that may not leave them enough, which would force them to move or fold.

"We can't afford to continue to do what we're doing to help the people and be displaced," says Carol Latif. "There is not another building around like this."

Valley National Bank has not returned News 12's request for comment.
A meeting will be held Thursday to determine if it's feasible for Ocean County Hunger Relief to stay in the building or if it has to move out.