TOMS RIVER TOWNSHIP - Hundreds of residents from the Ocean Beach 3 section in Toms River Township held a meeting today to discuss rebuilding efforts from Superstorm Sandy.

The area's rebuilding will be complex and controversial as much of the land and the beach itself is owned by a private corporation.

Many of the homeowners say they own their houses, but lease the land from that private corporation.

Residents discussed how to fund the rebuilding of roads and other infrastructure, such as protective dunes. Some residents want the private corporation to raise fees to pay for those repairs. They say they do not want Toms River Township to use FEMA funds to rebuild, fearing it will force their private beach to become public.

Others say they want 14-foot government-funded dunes to be built, even if it means obstructed views and public beach access.

An attorney representing 18 homeowners says, depending on how the situation progresses, he is ready to file a lawsuit asking a judge to force the private corporation to hand over ownership to the township so dunes can be built.