HOBOKEN - The National Transportation Safety Board released its preliminary report Thursday on the Hoboken Terminal crash that injured more than 100 and killed a young mother.

The report provides insight into the moments leading up to the crash in a first-hand account from engineer Thomas Gallagher.

According to the NTSB, Gallagher told investigators that his cellphone was stored and turned off in the personal backpack at the time of the crash. He also said that he conducted the required brake test prior to leaving from New York and that the train operated normally throughout the trip.

Gallagher told the NTSB that when he arrived on track 5 and approached the end of the terminal platform, he blew the horn, checked his speedometer and starting ringing the bell. He said he looked at his watch and noticed the train was about six minutes late arriving at Hoboken.

He stated that when he checked the speedometer, he was traveling 10 mph upon entering the terminal track.

Gallagher told the agency that the next thing he remembers is waking up in the cab laying on the floor after the crash and has no memory of the incident.

The data recorder revealed the train was going 21 mph before the crash, twice as fast as it should have been traveling.

The NTSB report also revealed an image of a large metal beam that pierced the roof of the front car, slicing it in half.

The final report on the crash is expected to take about one year.