HOBOKEN - Federal safety investigators have recovered a data recorder, a video recorder and the engineer's cellphone from the front car of the New Jersey Transit train that crashed in Hoboken last week.

National Transportation Safety Board investigator James Southworth says they don't yet know if the recorders contain any useful information. The instruments have been sent to an agency lab for analysis.

The lab also has the engineer's cellphone, which was found in a backpack in the cab of the front train car.

The NTSB already checked a data recorder that was in the rear of the train. That one wasn't functioning on the day of the crash.

Southworth would not comment on a report by the Associated Press that stated the train was traveling two to three times faster than the 10 mph speed limit posted to enter the Hoboken Terminal. He says investigators will look at the data on the recorder to determine the train’s speed.

The crash killed a 34-year-old woman who was standing on the platform and injured over 100 others.

The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.