NORWOOD - A Bergen County man is recovering after being bitten by a coyote while out walking his dog.

Stephen Sinisi, of Norwood, says he noticed the coyote following him and his dog Raleigh while walking home Sunday night.

“I didn’t think [the coyote] would come when I yelled,” says Sinisi. “I thought he’d get scared, but it didn’t scare him off.”

Sinisi says the animal was coming toward him and his dog, so he tried to hurry back home. He was able to get to his front door and get Raleigh inside before the coyote attacked.

“I turned around and I felt something on my leg like a clamp,” Sinisi says. “He ran up obviously and bit me before he ran away.”

Wildlife officials are working with local law enforcement to track down the aggressive coyote.  They want to test it for rabies. Meanwhile, Sinisi went to the hospital to get shots for rabies.

Police say there have been several reports of coyote sightings over the last few days. Two weeks ago, a Saddle River man was also attacked by a wild coyote. That animal was euthanized.

Wildlife officials urge parents to keep children and pets inside as much as possible until the coyote can be found and tested.