DEMAREST - New Jersey school kids are starting to realize there is a downside to all those snow days as school districts scramble to make them up.

Many school districts have chosen to cancel part of spring break in order to get in the required 180 days of instruction.

The Board of Education at Northern Valley Regional Schools voted Monday night to take back nearly all of spring break. Instead of five days, the kids and teachers will only get a Thursday and Friday off in April.

The superintendent says it's time to think of this as the new normal and come up with proactive solutions for future years.

"I think this whole process is an exercise in what's going on throughout the world," says Christopher Nagy. "What was in the past isn't now going to be the future. So therefore we have to think outside the box, differently, and be more solutions-oriented."

Nagy suggests that districts look into building in snow days during February recess or utilize online classes, which other districts have already done. 

Some school districts have chosen to go longer at the end of the year.