DEMAREST - Northern Valley Regional School District remains on high alert after officials say they received a "We Tip" warning late yesterday indicating that a potential school shooting may occur sometime this week, according to a letter on the district's website.

The letter states that the district has been working with law enforcement officials to "maximize the safety of all students and staff."

The district superintendent and Bergen County police told News 12 New Jersey that they are preparing to do another sweep tonight.

District officials say staff and students will see an increased police presence and metal detectors at the Demarest campus beginning this morning. Students will not be permitted to leave the campus for any reason during the school day, according to the letter.

Staff and students are being urged to maintain their regular school schedules this week. Officials say there is no credible evidence to support the tip at this time.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Demarest police at 201-768-1540.

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