RIVERDALE - North Jersey residents say they are fed up with what is turning out to be a relentless series of snowstorms this year.

Homeowners out shoveling Wednesday were getting a workout after dense, wet snow fell across the state.

Even with a snowblower, Bart Blake, of Pompton Lakes, says he still has to use some elbow grease. "It's a little small.  I need a bigger one," he says. "It's just so wet, so it gets clogged up.  If I go in short bursts, it will actually work.  It's better than shoveling."

The above-freezing temperatures and icy rain created a slushy mess that weighed down shovels.

"The water is penetrating the snow, making it heavy," says Steve Smith, of West Milford. "And if it freezes tonight, it will be a block of ice.  So it has to be moved."

Residents tell News 12 New Jersey they are running out of places to put the snow.