TEANECK - This past weekend's storm brought aboost to some businesses in areas that were most hard-hit. Others, however, were negatively impacted.

Matthew Pathickal's 99-cent store in Teaneck has been without power since early Saturday morning. He's now hooked up to a neighbor'sbackup generator, but it's still too dark and cold inside for customers, he says. He estimates his business is down 70-80 percent because of the storm. The store is overstocked with Halloween costumes that didn't sell.

Matthews Diner down the road in Bergenfield never lost power. Over the weekend, the owner says he did more business than ever before. People who had no electricity at home were lined up outside the diner waiting to get a hot meal.

The owner of the shopping center where the 99-cent store is located tells News 12 New Jersey he will work with tenants who might have trouble paying their rent because of the lost revenue.