ABERDEEN - The residents of a street in one Monmouth County town are fed up with water main breaks.

People who live near Noble Place and Norwood Lane in Aberdeen say there have been at least six water main breaks in the area since Christmas. The latest break happened Monday morning.

Residents say they are tired of their water being shut off for hours and are pleading with New Jersey American Water for help.

“Getting ready in the morning is super difficult,” says Kimberly Wilson, a mother of 8-year-old twins. “Showers? Can’t take a shower. Flushing the toilet, washing hands, brushing teeth.”

A spokesman for the water company says it is working on the problem. He says the current water mains are nearly 50 years old and are corroding. 

Aberdeen soil is more acidic, eating away at the pipes over time. The bitter cold temperatures also are contributing to the problems.

Another reason for all the issues is that once crews turn the water back on after a fix, the next weak link in the system cannot handle the water pressure, according to the company.

New Jersey American Water hopes to replace all the water mains near Noble Place by May with new PVC type pipes.