NEWARK - Some residents in Newark are breathing a sigh of relief after the authorities showed up to remove dozens of birds from a neighbor's home.

Neighbors of 60 12th St. called News 12 New Jersey Tuesday to complain that their neighbor was keeping dozens of pigeons in her first-floor apartment. They were concerned about the stench and health concerns.

"The odor is so bad," said neighbor Wanda Sherrer. "It's a health hazard."

After the report, the New Jersey State SPCA Humane Police and the Associated Humane Societies arrived at the home to take custody of the birds. There were 78 pigeons in all.

"They were free-flying between about four rooms in the house and as a result there were a lot of different piles of feces and bird dander," says Scott Crawford, of the Associated Humane Societies.

New Jersey SPCA Chief Frank Rizzo says that tenant Ewa Lee's heart was in the right place, even if she had way too many birds.

"She was trying to rehab the birds that were injured and sick," he says. "It just got out of hand. She was trying to get them out of here and she needed a little help."

Lee was issued two summonses for failure to provide necessary care.

Associated Humane Societies is now building a large coop for the pigeons and plans to check them out. Eventually they will be let go.

The home's landlord has been ordered by the city to clean up any mess the birds left behind.