ASBURY PARK - A group of Asbury Park business owners have collected thousands of bottles of water to donate to the residents of Flint, Michigan, but they are running into issues getting the water to them. Now, they are hoping members of the public can help.

Flint has been in a water crisis ever since tests came back to show the drinking water was contaminated with lead. This led Knolesha Hammary, the co-owner of Hair by Knani, and some of her other business owner friends in the area to begin a water donation drive.

The Asbury Park community rose to the occasion and Hammary soon collected more than 10,000 bottles of water. Hammary says that the cases of water are almost taking over her mother’s home, where she is collecting them.

The group wanted the Red Cross to take the bottles, but they were told by the organization that the cost of delivering the cases of water to Michigan would cost more than the actual water.

A spokesperson for the Red Cross tells News 12 New Jersey that while they appreciate the compassion Hammary and her group has shown, they simply cannot accept the donation in New Jersey.

Hammary says that she is not giving up. She reached out to the Red Cross in Michigan, who told her that they would accept the donation if she could find a way to get it to them.

Hammary now hopes someone in New Jersey can help them out with a large truck or any other way to get the water to Michigan.

Anyone who may be able to help is urged to contact Hammary by emailing