PERTH AMBOY - A Perth Amboy truck driver was shot and killed in an apparent road-rage incident in Florida, and now his family is seeking justice.

George Guerrero, 44, was a long-haul trucker. He was traveling along Interstate 10 in Jacksonville, Florida Saturday when he was pushed off the road and into the woods by another truck driver. That driver then reportedly shot Guerrero three times.

"My dad got shot for basically no reason. For road rage. It’s stupid,” says Chris Guerrero, the victim’s son.

Jacksonville police say that the suspect is a black man with a beard. He was driving a dull orange cab that was pulling a 53-foot-long white trailer.

Chris Guerrero says that his father had been on the road two months before he was shot. He last made contact with his father on May 2 when he sent him a text to wish him a happy birthday.

George Guerrero always traveled with his dog Aria to keep him company on long trips. The dog wasn’t hurt in the incident and should be reunited with the family in a few days.

Jacksonville police are stopping trucks at weigh stations and are interviewing truck drivers along the interstate to try to identify the shooter.

The Guerrero family has set up a GoFundMe page in honor of George. They say that they are in need of assistance with burial and funeral expenses.