WESTFIELD - The New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled that the state must provide an additional $500 million in school funding. The decision re-imposes the state's 30-year-old Abbot vs. Burke ruling that forced the state to adequately fund its poorest districts.

The ruling comes in response to lawsuits over last year's massive cuts in education spending imposed by Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.).

Christie says he hoped his current budget would provide sufficient funding for state schools. He said he was waiting on the Supreme Court decision before deciding how to allocate recent tax revenues estimated at more than $250 million.

He also says he won't stand in the way of the Supreme Court's ruling, but he says it's not his job to clean up this mess.

Higher education and hospitals may receive less funding, however, because such a large chunk of the state budget is now headed toward public schooling.Christie mulls possible school funding outcomesNJ Supreme Court hears school funding case