TRENTON - New Jersey Republicans say they have a plan that shores up funding for road, bridge and other infrastructure work without raising the gas tax.

The proposal comes as the Democrat-controlled Legislature and Gov. Chris Christie wrangle over the fund.

The plan calls for a $1.6 billion transportation trust fund with the money coming from a combination of places including projected budget growth, revenue from Motor Vehicle Commission violations and implementing Gov. Chris Christie's changes to the public pension.

Democrats say raising the gas tax is required. Senate President Steve Sweeney says the Democrats’ plan relies on the state’s revenue growth each year.

Republican Sen. Jennifer Beck says that the gas tax hike would only be hurting New Jersey families. She has created a petition for taxpayers to oppose the gas tax hike.

“If you're barely getting by, and you have to drive to work, and they raise the gas tax, it makes it harder for you to get to your job,” she says.

Christie says Republicans should back a plan only if raising gas taxes includes offsets.

New Jersey currently has the second-lowest gas tax in the nation, behind Alaska.

The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.