TRENTON - New Jersey’s lawmakers are considering new legislation that would allow businesses to stock and administer epinephrine autoinjector devices during a medical emergency.

Businesses, such as restaurants, would be allowed to get a prescription and stock the medication. This is not currently allowed because individuals who require the medication have to have their own prescription.

Andrea Katz and her 8-year-old son Nathan came to the State House Monday to support the measure. Nathan is severely allergic to peanuts and needs the drug in case he comes into contact with any. His mom says that having more EpiPens available would give her peace of mind.

“I check my bag 10 times before we leave the house,” Katz says. “It’s nerve-racking.

Katz adds that she hopes the new bill will lead to even more legislation.

“I would love to see police and first responders be required to have it. That would be a great first step,” she says.

Gov. Chris Christie signed a similar bill into law earlier this year. It allows schools to stock EpiPens.

The Senate unanimously passed Monday’s bill. It will now head to Gov. Christie’s desk for approval.