TRENTON - (AP) - The New Jersey Senate has voted to rollback a planned highway toll increase.

Democrats say the increase shouldn't go forward because it wasmeant to help pay for a new rail tunnel into New York that won't bebuilt.

Governor Chris Christie killed the project in October because ofpotential cost overruns that might have totaled billions.

Tolls are still set to go up on the New Jersey Turnpike andGarden State Parkway in January, and the governor says that revenueshould be used for state road, rail and bridge projects.

Republican Senator Joe Kyrillos argued that canceling theincrease would hurt New Jersey's reputation with lenders andbusinesses.

But a majority of his colleagues disagreed. Yesterday's vote was27-9 to cancel. The Assembly has not yet considered the bill.

State Senate set to vote on toll increase rollback Gov. Christie angry over toll hike rollback attempt