TRENTON - New Jersey's program that detects when people use false identities to obtain driver's licenses has resulted in 38 arrests.

Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa and Motor Vehicle Commission Chairman and Chief Administrator Raymond P. Martinez announced today that the facial recognition program uncovered sex offenders, truck and bus drivers with multiple drunken driving cases, and people with multiple suspensions. The state scanned all 19 million photos in the system.

“A driver’s license is a powerful document that enables the holder to open financial accounts, obtain and drive motor vehicles, and board airplanes,” said Attorney General Chiesa. “We know the 9/11 terrorists had fraudulent licenses from other states. By detecting individuals who have false licenses, law enforcement can potentially uncover other types of crime that these individuals may be involved in, including identity theft, financial fraud and even terrorism.”

Individuals are caught if a photo on an existing New Jersey driver's license is associated with another name in the system when they attempt to obtain another license.

MVC officials say the program was implemented after the Sept. 11 attacks to make it harder for people to obtain fraudulent documents and heighten security.