WOODBRIDGE - Verizon customers all over New Jersey flocked to electronics stores this morning to be among the first to score iPhones now that the cell phone carrier is offering the device.

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People lined up before dawn at the Verizon store in Woodbridge, and just across the street, the Best Buy store opened its doors three hours early to accommodate shoppers.

Later in the day, crowds thinned out. There were gates set up to accommodate large crowds at the Freehold Raceway Mall, but as the day wore on, it looked like they weren't necessary.

Some technology bloggers have warned that the same antenna issue iPhone users experience with AT&T may carry over to Verizon.

Still, many Verizon customers say they've been waiting for years for the device to come to their carrier.

It's estimated the company sold about half a million of them on its first day of pre-order sales.