UNION CITY - Commuters who use the Hudson River rail crossings had the chance to voice their opinion about a proposal to build a new rail tunnel connecting New York and New Jersey.

The current tunnel connecting the two states has fallen into disrepair due to age as well as damage from Superstorm Sandy.

Many commuter advocates say that the current tunnel needs to be repaired, but also a new tunnel should be built to increase commuter capacity.

Years ago, the Arc Tunnel project was proposed, but that plan was nixed by Gov. Chris Christie.

A new plan is being proposed to build a second tunnel, and commuters were able to meet with officials to talk about it.

“You have more flexibility in terms of how you can operate between New York and New Jersey,” says NJ Transit Planner Jeremy Colangelo-Bryan. “It’s not a capacity improvement, it’s a reliability improvement.”

The proposed tunnel would run anywhere from 500 yards to the north or 500 yards to the south of the current tunnel.

Some nearby residents say that they wonder what the impact of the tunnel running under their homes would be.

“Of course we want to see safety first,” says North Bergen resident Angela Noriega. “The current and only tunnel is safe, but limits NJ Transit's ability to perform when there are problems. The second Hudson tunnel could keep trains rolling.”

The meeting on the proposed Hudson tunnel was run by numerous groups including NJ Transit, Amtrak and the Federal Railroad Administration.