MANVILLE - New Jersey has marked a milestone, as the 300th home in the state has been bought out as part of the Blue Acres Program.

The voluntary buyouts are part of a state program to reduce property damage caused by floods. The homes are then demolished and the property is left as open space.

Gov. Chris Christie visited flood-prone Manville Wednesday to mark the state's purchase of 300 homes in two years.

Manville resident Wendy Byra says she has moved into a new home in Manville on higher ground. She needed to take the buyout because insurance had become too expensive.

"Flood insurance is going up every year. It was up to $2,700 in flood insurance this past year," she says.

Some residents who took the buyouts say they are not happy with the decision. Donna Demonte says the home she sold was the home she grew up in, and felt she wasn't given a fair price by the government. However, repairs to her home were getting to be too expensive.

"I'm a sentimental person to begin with and this is really going to put me over," she says. "But it's something that I know has to be done."