EDISON - New Jersey’s police union is criticizing the governor a day after Gov. Chris Christie criticized a proposed amendment guaranteeing payment into New Jersey’s pension plan.

New Jersey Policemen’s Benevolent Association president Pat Colligan published an open letter about the governor, slamming him for not paying into the pension. The letter also called Christie a “terrible governor” who doesn’t support the state’s law enforcement.

“Walk up to an officer on the street and ask them what they think of Chris Christie and I think they’re going to get a very blunt answer,” Colligan told News 12 New Jersey.

Colligan’s letter also warned New Hampshire police officers against voting for the governor in the upcoming presidential primaries. Christie was campaigning at the Bedford Police Department in New Hampshire Wednesday.

Polling experts say that it is not clear how much effect this open letter will have. They say that voters outside New Jersey do not pay much attention to what happens in the state.

Most polls show Christie in a dead heat for second or third place in New Hampshire.