EDISON - Below is a statement issued by New Jersey State PBA President Anthony Wieners on the sentencing of Jahmell Crockam. A jury convicted Crockam of walking up to Lakewood Patrolman Christopher Matlosz's cruiser in January 2011 and shooting him three times at point blank range.

"Today's sentence while appropriate under current law does not fit the crime. As Chief Assistant Ocean County Prosecutor William J. Heisler said - five years ago he would have faced execution.

"There is no place in this world for someone who would walk up to a police officer in broad daylight and execute him. This convict has used his 20 years on this planet to cause misery and harm to others and he doesn't deserve one more minute here."

"He will rest with a roof over his head and three square meals a day, while Officer Chris Matlosz's friends and family rest with only memories of a hero officer."

He added, "We in law enforcement know that today marks the day we were all united in accomplishing - tracking Chris' killer down. No one guns down one of us without all of us coming for them."

"I want to thank the Ocean County Prosecutor Marlene Lynch Ford and Chief Assistant Ocean County Prosecutor William J. Heisler for their hard work and dedication in holding this killer accountable. At the end of the day we have to believe we did everything possible under the law to hold his killer accountable, but the law doesn't match the crime."