ASBURY PARK - State officials gave their annual State of the Shore report Thursday, before the start of Memorial Day weekend.

DEP Commissioner Bob Martin says overall the beaches look great and the water quality is excellent.

However, Martin says New Jersey beaches are still in the rebuilding mode following Superstorm Sandy and storms Joaquin and Jonas.

He says the storms pulled large quantities of sand into the ocean, and beaches that have not been replenished are the most vulnerable.

The ocean also has more sandbars than ever before, creating dangerous conditions for swimmers due to strong rip currents that often form beside them.

"Well, the rip currents that are associated with the sandbars are typically more dangerous because they move around as the sand moves around," says Jon Miller, of the Sea Grant Consortium. "What you really need to look for is if you see water rushing out, or if you actually see an area where the waves are not breaking, that’s an indication that there may be a rip current there."

Beachgoers are advised to ask lifeguards where they recommend is the safest place to swim.